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Website Promotion and Website SEO by Elit-Web

Website promotion is a set of measures focused on increasing the traffic and visibility of a website in Google and Bing search results. A comprehensive approach is based on website optimization techniques that are in line with search engine recommendations, incorporating advertising and social media.
In IT business
Building an effective online sales system
Expand the number of relevant queries, develop the semantic core and help the website to reach the TOP
Making your web resource more profitable and less expensive, increasing the average customer check and the number of purchases
Increase recognition of your brand in social networks and build effective communication with your audience
Help you to expand your site's geographical reach and enter more lucrative overseas markets
Customers trust us
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Key stages of promotion

Competition Analysis

SEO website promotion is not a procedure in a vacuum. To work effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to analyze the competition, understand the promotion methods they use, what words have reached the top and how to compete with them effectively. It is important to make sure that the words don't just lead users to your site, but also help to beat the competition.

SEO audit

In the beginning our specialist conducts a thorough audit of your website, analyses its structure, content, compliance with applicable Google standards and other elements that affect its visibility in search engines. Using a detailed analysis we can prepare an optimization strategy and plan the work to promote your site.

Formation of the semantic core

One of the main elements of promotion is the selection of keywords. The industry is analyzed, as well as the products or services offered. According to these, keywords that are clearly related to them are selected. They consist of 5, 10 or more words. A structured and optimized semantic core is one of the basic components of the growth of a website's position. We do not just select a pool of words and phrases, but also cluster key phrases and distribute them over the structure of the resource.

Internal website optimization

Internal website SEO relates to website adaptation to Google, Bing algorithms requirements and user needs. We introduce a number of optimization measures: improving the logical structure of the site, optimizing the meta-tags, preparing an appropriate structure of the text titles, optimizing the page load speed, modifying the crawling budget, etc.

Getting links to your site

External optimization work remains very important, more specifically, external link mass, which can serve as a positive ranking factor. We check the links and optimize the link profile of your resource and prepare a personalized strategy for expanding it (press releases, link buying, etc.).

Improving behavioral factors

Working with behavioral factors aims to tailor content to the needs of the user and the target audience as a whole. Google evaluates the quality of a website through the prism of the user, particularly the mobile user. Aspects such as the correct display of content and functionality on a smartphone have an impact on a website's ranking.

Our service plans

Full analysis of website structure
Primary optimization and competition analysis
Technical audit + TR for upgrades
Link mass review + link mass strategy
Monthly reporting in the customer's personal account
Website usability audit + TR for upgrades
Creation of new landing pages
Introduction of content on the landing pages
Result upon (months till the first results)
Experts team working hours (per month)
up to 20 hours
up to 30 hours
up to 50 hours

Why should you order a website promotion service from our agency?

Our Internet marketing agency was created by a team of experts who care not only about high quality SEO / SMM / PPC services, but also about an individual approach and keeping a good touch with the client. At each step, you can count on our professional advice, recommendation of the best solutions or explanation of previously unknown procedures. What other advantages speak well for using our agency's offer?
Individual approach to each partner
Each partner is our priority, for whose business we genuinely care and feel joy for our joint achievements. We immerse ourselves in business of each our client and share our expertise in a particular niche.
Committed team
The whole team is committed. You have a whole team of specialists working on your project (programmer, copywriter, manager, SEO specialist, Internet marketing specialist...), with whom you have direct communication.
Expertise proven by experience
During our existence, we have gained unique knowledge in website promotion, exceptional skills to achieve goals within the stated deadlines, and tremendous experience in solving the most complex and non-standard tasks.
Guarantee of results
We guarantee compliance with all the deadlines and execution of the declared works on promotion in full. Everything is fixed in the contract. You get access to a personal account with comprehensive information on the work in the online mode.

What our clients say

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Website promotion in search engines

Search engine promotion in organic results is currently one of the most effective ways of internet marketing. Since most internet users begin their search for a desired product by entering a specific search query into a search engine, the position among the results obtained is extremely important.

SEO-promotion is a list of works that are carried out inside and outside of a resource to increase its visibility in search results. For each Internet resource such a list of improvements can vary greatly, because it depends on the type of site, the niche in which it operates, its scale, the quality of primary optimization and many other factors. Therefore, analysis makes another important component before starting work on the promotion of the site, which will form an individual list of tasks for its optimization.

Comprehensive website promotion is not a one-time service, but a complex process consisting of analysis of many factors on and off your website. For effective website promotion it is important to know the specifics of the industry and the intentions of users. We can prepare an effective strategy and gradually increase the potential of the site.

Integrated website promotion with Elit-Web

Website promotion from Elit-Web is always a comprehensive solutions and predictable results, regardless of your goals and budget. Our special approach to each client allows us to develop a personal strategy for promotion and advancement of Internet resources in the best price-quality ratio. And, most importantly, it allows us to work with projects of any complexity: from small online shops and start-ups to the largest corporate resources and functional web-portals.

At the beginning of the partnership, we conduct interview with you. We want to find out as much as possible about your business, to find out what services and products you offer that are most important to you, and which are least important. We study up on your expectations, which we then incorporate into our strategy. As a result, the promotion of the online shop, the site is focused on a specific result and is an accurate response to the needs of your company.

We promote websites with enthusiasm and full dedication. Want to order the promotion of your website? Entrust it to us and you will definitely be satisfied with the results of our work. We will take care of the development of your image on the Web in a qualitative and professional manner. By increasing your valuable web-traffic you will gain an advantage over your competitors. Our SEO-specialist will develop the best website promotion strategy for you.

Website promotion in Kiev

Search engine promotion in Kiev is the most effective solution for companies that are planning to actively attract clients from the Google search engine and thus develop their business. Local promotion is focused on the use of advanced mechanisms that determine the geographical location of the better part of queries related to the city and industry.

Carrying out the process of website promotion requires professional knowledge and takes a lot of time. Therefore it is best to entrust this task to specialists from our agency, who will comprehensively improve the quality and increase the visibility of the site. Website search engine optimization must be carried out constantly, due to the ever-changing market and search engine algorithms.

We offer SEO website promotion on search engines

Effectively using search engines can expand the advertising space in which your company can appear. A properly optimized website can not only inform about the services offered by a company, but also support the process of creating an expert position in the industry and increase brand awareness. Promotion in Google is compatible with other marketing activities and has an effect not only directly during the advertising campaign, but also when a potential client needs it.

It is not enough to launch a website and fill it with content. Without search engine optimization and website promotion, there is simply no place on the first pages of Google. The competition in almost all niches is enormous. And it will only grow. Accordingly, in the future, search engine promotion will become even more difficult and costly.

The promotion in our work is all about attention to detail and a combination of different working methods, so we guarantee a highly effective website and an increase in traffic.

Benefits of effective website promotion

  • Increase of site visibility. Properly executed promotion actions result in higher positions for the most important business phrases.
  • An increase in the number of visitors to the website. Complex website promotion in search engines is an opportunity to attract more potential customers. The number of visitors to the site directly affects the conversion rate.
  • Conversions. Thanks to search engine marketing, a website starts generating real income, because the traffic to a well-optimized resource leads to higher conversions and, consequently, to the company's income.
  • Brand promotion. A long-term goal that will eventually lead to a stronger company in the market due to the site's position in search engines.
  • Gaining an advantage over competitors. A high search engine ranking is also a great way to increase your competitiveness in the business and add pluses to your reputation management. The more keyword phrases you have at the top, the more visits you get from users who begin to identify your site with a particular product or service.
  • Reduce the cost of attracting customers. When you compare search engine promotion with paid media advertising prices, you get a much better ROI and conversion rate.

How to order the promotion of a site in Kiev?

To order the promotion of the site, please call the number indicated on the website or use the form and fill out it. Start of cooperation is as follows:

  1. We conduct an express analysis of the site and your business, which will help calculate the promotion budget.
  2. Always after that we discuss in detail the main purpose of promotion, timing, list of tasks and consolidate in the contract.
  3. We gather a team of specialists for the project immediately.
  4. We draw an invoice for SEO promotion.



What distinguishes you from other companies?

We promote websites since 2009, we work with clients from both Ukraine and abroad. We form a team of specialists to work on the site, and not switch between projects during the day, week or month. As a result, we get a faster, more planned and predictable development of the site.

What is the term of site promotion?

The term may vary from 3-9 months, or even go beyond that. For older domains, the growth of positions in search is usually observed after 2-3 months. Within six months, 50% of the keywords appear on the first page of a search. In order to reach the TOP-10 up to 80% of search queries, you need on average 8-12 months.

How much does it cost to promote a website?

Promotion budget depends on the following factors: technical condition of the website, level of competition, topic, size and type of resource, age of the domain. The calculation of the cost of promotion is formed on the basis of the site audit. On the basis of the data we form a complete list of activities and assess the cost.
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