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One of the most effective methods of modern marketing, a convenient tool for communication with potential customers and clients, a way to attract the right audience and create a recognizable brand image.
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We analyze your business processes and target audience. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase your sales.
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Our agency uses all the tools of Internet marketing: contextual and targeted ads, SEO, SMM and PR.
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Thanks to the agency's professional team and experience, we inevitably achieve results.
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Stages of SMM promotion

For SMM promotion to be effective, it is divided into the following stages:

Definition of an agenda with a clear step-by-step action plan

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In the beginning, the purpose of the PR campaign is established, and a timeline for the full scope of work is written down. For example, the goal is to increase the flow of visitors to the website. The time frame is two months. The objective of the SMM is to get potential customers to the website.

Selection of promotion and communication tactics

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A very important point, because it leads directly to the next point. Such a position should have an expert employee who is friendly, patient and interested in talking about the product being promoted. Preferably, the employee should also be able to sell. It is important that such a person should be in one person, because sending the buyer from one expert to another greatly reduces the confidence of the client. It is best to ask for help from an agency that deals with promotion. They can find a specialist. Who will conduct the dialogue on behalf of the company, and the business owner will only provide the information.

Creation of resource content

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The content should be created by a specialist, and strictly according to the technical documentation. This means that it is best to hire a copywriter to describe it in language people can understand, but at the same time provide him with all the information regarding the product. Then the content will be built according to all the rules of a good text.

Creation of a reason to communicate with the data

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Both the seller and the buyer need to engage people in conversation in such a way that they leave as much of their data as possible with permission to notify them of new promotions, discounts, and product arrivals. This, too, is the task of the specialist in point 2. And the brand must also have contacts, the more the better. Sometimes a colorful website and a vibrant account can be ruined by a simple lack of contact details!

Evaluation of results

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Here it is worth requesting monthly movement in the account, the number of conversions, and the number of items purchased through social media.

Our service plans

Creating a content plan
9-12 posts
12-16 posts
12-16 posts
Creating posts
Drawing Highlights
Creating stories
Creating contests / promotions 1 pc.
Page administration
Creating a photo content from 10-20 photos for content
Selection and analyzing of 3-5 bloggers/influencers
Creation of video for page promotion
Launch of 3 advertising campaigns
Creation and running of surveys
Creation of advertising creatives and offers
Creating brand promotion strategy
Pixel code installation on the site
Maintenance of advertising campaigns
The cost of the service
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SMM promotion is a convenient and effective method of brand development and product implementation via social media. A large number of subscribers to an account echoing the main resource makes it possible to constantly inform a large number of people about new products, promotions or simply remind them of the opportunity to buy a particular product.

With a well-designed account, people themselves become a source of your advertising, as they send each other links, as well as independently post information about the product in their accounts, which increases the number of your target audience without additional infusions.

Tasks that SMM marketing can solve

SMM marketing is a tool that helps solve a very wide range of tasks:

  • launching a new product to the market requires its recognition

In this case, the experience of social media is invaluable, as presenting information in an informal recommendation style is much more likely to encourage people to buy;

  • significant savings on advertising

A competent SMM-specialist is able to set up the account so that even with a small budget, the return from social media will be substantial. This is because, as a rule, the information falls within the consumer's sphere of interest.

  • live communication is a sure way to gain the consumer's trust

And on social media, you can communicate directly with customers, who ask questions in the comments. This does not oblige people to buy, they do not feel uncomfortable, and they are more willing to communicate.

SMM services work very well in different areas, so you can promote food, fashion items, personal brands and so on, because the tools available for customization allow you to find an end customer for any niche.

The cost of SMM promotion

SMM marketing should be considered in terms of investment rather than expenditure. Because in the end, competent, comprehensive account development is an investment of finances that generates additional income.

You can determine the SMM services that will immediately attract customers with a 50% probability, and then based on that flow you can improve the set of tools that will work with a particular product. That's why you can't determine the cost of SMM services right away.

It may be necessary not only to refine the account, but also the main website. Or maybe it will be possible to make do with existing assets. There is no point in investing even a little money in advertising if the client will not spend more than a few minutes on the resource.

Therefore, most SMM specialists initially offer a full audit of the site and account, and based on these studies, make an initial estimate of error correction. In this case, prices are always negotiated on an individual basis.

Why choose SMM from Elit-Web

Our company has quite bright projects that can be found in our portfolio, and we are constantly improving our skills. That's why Elit-Web's SMM promotion services are so popular.

When ordering SMM services, we will always advise you on what steps you need to take to make your account work to its full potential.



What are SMM services?

It is an internet marketing tool, the essence of which is to attract traffic from the social media. It includes developing a strategy, creating a content plan, writing and placing posts, setting up targeted ads, etc. SMM promotion works well for brand recognition and company image, and generates sales by attracting people to the site.

What is an SMM strategy?

An SMM promotion strategy is a long-term plan for developing your community and achieving your goals, which takes into account the characteristics of your business and audience.

Forming a social media promotion strategy is based on the following steps:

  1. We carry out analysis of the company and segmentation of the target audience
  2. We define the main goals: attracting customers, increasing recognition, increasing customer loyalty, etc.
  3. We set up a rubricator and content plan based on the objectives of the community
  4. We make a plan to increase the reach with targeted advertising. PR posts in other communities and opinion leaders

After the start of the work we analyze the effectiveness of different types of posts on a monthly basis and adjust our strategy for the best result.

What does SMM promotion do?

Social media marketing performs the following tasks:
  • attracting customers or buyers;
  • building brand reputation and image;
  • increasing consumer loyalty;
  • increasing brand awareness and recognition;
  • formation of a permanent customer base;
  • presentation of new types of products and services.

With the help of social networks you attract the attention of target users and establish constant communication with them. It is a marketing tool for long-term action and it is indispensable for the development of your brand.

How much do SMM services cost?

It is not possible to say exactly how much it costs. It is formed individually, taking into account the list of services provided. Specialists will perform an audit and then recommend the best promotion tools. For example, you can do without configuring targeted advertising and save money on this, but you will lose potential customers.

How do I evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing?

Individual KPIs (key performance indicators) are selected for each goal and project, and you receive data on changes in the form of a report on a regular basis. Each business task has its own key performance metrics:
  • for branding - reach: growth in the number of active subscribers, ad views;
  • for attracting customers and buyers - the number of conversions to the site and the percentage of users who have completed the target action;
  • for reputational purposes - involvement of the target audience: reposts, ratings, comments.

In the process of work we regularly send reports on the dynamics of changes in KPI.

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