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What do you get by ordering contextual advertising in the Elit-web agency

Undoubtedly, contextual advertising has many advantages over other types of advertising. The main benefit that we will derive from a contextual advertising campaign is that in this way you will be able to present your offer to people who will really be interested in it.
The main purpose of contextual advertising is to attract customers and generate sales for your products. We use different channels to increase traffic and only those that will bring targeted visitors.
A cost-effective advertising campaign is one that is highly clickable and at the same time cost per customer. If you already have an existing ad campaign, we will optimize it and make it more efficient.
Setting up and handling advertising campaigns are made by certified specialists. Each of them is thoroughly versed in their specialization. We are constantly monitoring innovations and using the most effective methods of customers' attraction.
Each client has access to an account through which their advertising campaign is handled. This makes it possible to see the current situation at any time, and to control all processes, including the costs.
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The stages of contextual ad settings

Algorithm of actions provided for in the advertising work

Competition analysis and site audit

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The first thing to do is to analyze the competitive environment and determine their methods of working with their advertising campaigns. No less important is to do an audit of the client's website. The presence of mistakes or complicated structure, the lack of appropriate features reduces the effectiveness of even the best advertising campaign. We eliminate deficiencies, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of contextual advertising.

Strategy development and implementation of analytical tools

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A one-size-fits-all approach is unacceptable in contextual advertising, as the client's business will still be unique, even in a common niche. Our team creates a bespoke strategy based on competitor analysis, the client's objectives, their advertising budget and other relevant factors. As a result, we get a detailed plan for setting up, running and maintaining an advertising campaign.

We also connect analytical tools to obtain detailed statistics on current work. This information allows you to find campaign weaknesses, quickly eliminate them and improve your ads.

Elaboration of key queries and preparing ads

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This stage is the foundation of your advertising campaign. The chosen queries will drive ads, so collecting keywords is important for attracting traffic to your site. We use modern services to collect queries, minus unnecessary phrases and proceed directly to preparing ads. When developing creatives, we use USP, powerful calls and triggers that motivate users to click on ads and reach the target action.

Launching and management of advertising campaign

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After preparation, we upload advertisements and keywords into the advertising cabinet. Start structuring the advertising campaign on the basis of conversions, related queries and geolocations. As well we make the other required settings: set bids, set ad display time, specify limits and so on. The results of an advertising campaign depend on how well it is set up. We optimize rates and other metrics.

Rates and other indicators optimization

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Customized campaigns require constant monitoring and performance analysis. After some time has passed since the launch of the ads, we gather the first statistics and look at the results. We draw conclusions about the strengths or weaknesses of the campaign on their basis. If necessary, we make changes: change the images, headlines and test the different versions of creative.

We make sure to adjust the rates, because at the first launch it is impossible to predict the optimum figures. Initially, the rates are set according to the analysis of competitors, and in the course of the advertising campaign we look at our results. Correct adjustments allow you to achieve optimum click-through rates along with a low cost per client.

Monthly reporting and work plan

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Based on the results of the advertising campaign, we produce reports that clearly show the dynamics of attracting traffic from contextual advertising. We don't just unload reports from automated applications, but customize the slices with the client's goals in mind, leaving a detailed description for each screenshot. Reports are made transparent, clear and accessible.

We also make recommendations on how to improve the performance of the advertising campaign, indicating a list of planned works.

Our service plans

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Best for small companies with a limited number of destinations.

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For small online shops with a wide range of services or products.

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Suitable for online shops with a wide range of products and portals.

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Who would benefit most from Google contextual advertising?

To understand who this type of advertising is suitable for, it's worth giving a brief overview of the main advertising formats first:

  1. Text. When users enter a query into a search engine, they see a page of output that contains "organic" (links to sites that are most relevant to the search phrase) as well as an ad unit. Snippets in a search with an "ad" icon are textual contextual advertising on Google. Essentially, you can temporarily buy the first positions in search and receive targeted traffic from there.
  2. Banner. As advertising are not text snippets, and bright images with clinging inscriptions - banners. Search engines show such ads in Google Display Network (for Google ads) and Yandex Advertising Network (for Yandex), which includes a huge number of sites that provide advertising space on their own pages. There are also smaller ad networks where you can place your own banners. If contextual advertising is properly configured, users who are interested in your product will often encounter ads with a link to your resource on other sites.
  3. Video. The name speaks for itself. This type of advertising is a short video which users see in YouTube and on the websites of context-media networks.

Contextual advertising services should be ordered after consultation with a specialist. You will be helped to determine the most effective type of advertising, and you will also be helped with the setting up of the campaign. In such a way you can save your own budget.

Advantages of contextual advertising

If your product or service requires an immediate positive response from the target audience, you should rather consider context. You can see the first results right after the start of the campaign.

Contextual advertising has the following qualities:

  • Growth of brand awareness

Allows you to tell the maximum number of interested internet users about your company. Promotional tools are suitable for image building, increasing reach and trust of the target audience.

  • Boost merchandise sales

Allows e-commerce sites to drive leads to selected products, increasing sales.

  • Engage service industry customers

Helps to identify a target group of internet users interested in your services, and attract them to your website.

  • Attract participants for events

The speed of context makes it an ideal tool to attract the attention of your audience to events that are tied to specific dates: conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.

  • Returning visitors

You can bring back a portion of potential customers who have already visited your site and shown interest in your services or products by using retargeting.

  • New product launches and start-ups

Adverts on GDN websites will help to attract the attention of your target users to brand new types of products or services that they were not aware of before.

An effective contextual advertising strategy

The effectiveness and productivity of an advertising campaign depends entirely on good planning. This is the first and most important step, and it is necessary that the plan of action created by a specialist who can objectively assess the need for each action.

Ordering contextual advertising in Elit-Web, it means predicting a positive response from customers in advance.



What are contextual ads?

These are advertisements that appear in response to a user's query. They can be shown directly in a search engine alongside organic output, on partner websites (the contextual media network and the Yandex advertising network). This type of advertising is useful when promoting websites, as it brings in the maximum number of people interested in the product or service.

How much does contextual advertising cost?

The price includes the advertising budget and the services of customization specialists. The cost of displaying ads depends on many factors, such as the level of competition in the niche, the number of advertised pages, etc. Contextual advertising is considered expensive, but it attracts targeted visitor.

What are the formats of contextual advertising?

Ad formats are types of advertisements that are used in campaign:
  • Text – the ad contains only text, more often used in the search;
  • Graphic banners – images with text that are placed on the GDN sites;
  • Video format – commercials inserted in YouTube.

How to order contextual advertising?

Leave a request on the site, and our specialist will contact you. We will tell you more details about the features of the service for contextual advertising setting up and maintenance, calculate cost. Or just contact us directly by telephone to get advice.

What is the algorithm for work at the start?

Before launching a campaign, PPC specialists perform the following steps:
  1. Conduct comprehensive research of the audience, competitors and website customers.
  2. Connect and configure analytics systems, as well as additional services: Call-tracking, JivoSite, etc.
  3. Optimize the content and interface of landing pages to increase the conversion of advertising traffic.
  4. Create advertisements.
  5. Set up impressions in the advertiser’s account and launch the campaign.

After launching an advertising campaign, we analyze the results on a weekly basis and conduct A/B testing to improve the effectiveness of advertisements.

When can I expect the first results?

The first results in the form of views, clicks or conversions can be obtained on the launch day. It all depends on the popularity of your theme, the time of impressions and the effectiveness of targeting. This is the main advantage of paid advertising tools in Internet marketing

But from the moment the service is ordered to the launch of the campaign, specialists need time to collect data for analysis, prepare ads, and optimize landing pages. It takes from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the scope of work.

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